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off to slay the dragon. [14 Jul 2010|12:54pm]
*oh Hagrid, you're found a new dragon?*

Toothless evolved into Espeon.. *B. B. B.. B!!!* stop evolving.

later that night,

Toothless evolved into Umbreon. *YESSSS!!!!! hey toothless. mmrh? let's kick some ass! mmrh!*
(disclaimer: mmrh is the sound that Umbreon makes. in my mind.)


Icy Path: Golbat (m, lvl 22)
golbat.. the better form of zubat. still can't use to Fly. >_> but to have wing attack is handy. unfortunately after paralyzing it and failed attempts to poison, i wasted 2 ultra balls on him and then ended up just killing the guy.


just keep sliding. just keep sliding. icy path had nothing in it. Toothless got mean look, so i can't capture some legendary :)

Blackthorn City:
city with move deleter, ultra balls, and a dragon bitch! so, buy up some items and fight!

Blackthorn Gym:
Everyone's got dragon-type. defeating dratini is scary because of hyperbeam. so i just need to avoid those and i'll be cool.

Cool trainer Mike gets a special mention because of his lvl 37 Dratini vs ShadyGaGa lvl 39. it's been a while since he was able to flex his mandom around. Rollout! Dratini uses Dragon Rage. Rollout! Dratini uses Dragon Rage. Rollout! Dratini in the red. Dragon Rage. ShadyGaGa has died.

WHAT?! NOOOOOOOO!! Mjollnir uses thunderpunch to finish off Dratini.

can't read my.. can't read my.. no you can't read my no poker face... po-po-po-po-pokemon face. TT-TT


After I beat Clair, i'll soon be able to lay ShadyGaGa to rest. in the form of a statue, because he's so damn heavy. Unfortunately, Clair does not approve of my kicking her ass fair and square. especially the part when Lawless and Mjollnir sliced and shocked her Seadra/Kingdra awful looking thing.

so i end up having to travel to the Dragon's Den and do some damage there. Easy!


Dragonden: complete with a whirlpool and rocks. Use strength! ... I said, USE STRENGTH. but alas. ShadyGaGa was the only one who could use it.

Magikarp (m, lvl 20) - hmm.. easy to catch and a water pokemon that can use Surf, Whirlpool, Waterfall, and Strength.

FAILFish - excellent! level up and evolve to a Gyarados! but still need strength. Beans-mash! my sudowoodo is also a ground pokemon.


Finally getting my 8th and final Johto badge, i'm also to travel to Indigo Plateau and into Kanto. Where i'll need to build up my crew. I still lack a fire pokemon and a flying one. maybe i can get a legendary bird.


Random Cave on Route 27: Graveler (m, lvl 24)
bitten to death by Toothless. yes, i see the oxymoron, but it's literally delicious!

Route 27: Tentacool (m, lvl 18)
SuperFast - super fast jellyfish! hehehe.. comes with a toy.

Tohjo Falls: Slowpoke (f, lvl 23)
TailBait - psychic pokemon.. GET!

Route 26: Raticate (m, lvl22)
RAGE!! immediately killed him. no use in my crew. not after Clamps!! fell to hyperfang.


On to Victory Road!
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NOT AGAIN! [29 Jun 2010|09:00pm]
The problem with Olivine City Gym.

Steel-type + ground-type. let's see. that's like telling superman to wear lead armor to avoid kryptonite. that's like wolverine with adamantium skeleton + colossus's skin to create wolverossus. that's like saying in pokemon, hey, i'm going to make the toughest pokemon (onix) get even tougher. and let's add iron tail, because that would be ridiculous against normal type pokemon.

yeah. that's pretty much why i needed to LVL THE F* UP! i needed to turn my lvl 24 scrubs to lvl 35+ pros. especially Clamps!! the runt of the team. he needed it more than ever, so i put him in route 39 for some training.


now if you refer to the title. "oh noes, not again." in the tall grass, there are rattatas, meowth, farfetch'd, magnemite, and some tier 2 evolutions like raticate. stupid stupid raticates.

the only reason why anyone would use a raticate (no offense gary oak) is because of a move called hyper fang. it's ridiculously strong that i had to use ridiculous twice in this entry. (three times). now, when you put a critical hit with that. you end up with *sniff* a dead krabby. :'(

Clamps!! barely entered the world and then he was crushed and bisque'd. teh clamps could only do so much. i should have watched out for him, since he was still low.

RIP Clamps!!, lvl 21, murdered by a rat. you dirty rat, you killed my bruddah!


here's that predicament again. my surf pokemon dies and i'm trapped on land. at least i'm on the mainland, but i can't go fishing again. not since the chances of getting magikarp is 50%. so the only thing TO DO, is to make magikarp into gyarados. Poseidan needs to fulfill his destiny and become a god. Poseidan, use SPLASH! SPLASH! SPLASH!


after grinding what seems like an eternity, my pokemon have become above lvl 30. In fact, Lawless grew into a Meganium at lvl 32, the dinosaur with a flower petal mane. but still can't learn vine whip (what's up with that?!). Poseidan finally evolved and we took the grinding to the sea!

POWER LEVELING!! vs tentacools and tentacruels! (don't forget to bring your antidotes!)


i also popped into Mt Mortar and the Burnt Tower to see if i could add some potential awesomeness into my team.

*rattatas. rattatas everywhere*

after what happened to Clamps!!, no. NEVER AGAIN!


back to Olivine City Gym. Jasmine and her STEEL POKEMONs. 2 Magnemites (lvl 30) + 1 Steelix (lvl 35).

ShadyGaGa (SPAM MAGNITUDE!!) mag 7, mag 6, mag 4, mag 4.

Jasmine uses Hyper Potion on Steelix.

WHAT? ShadyGaGa (SPAM MAGNITUDE!! Do it, do it now!)


Finally got my badge and Iron Tail TM. it'll be imbalanced once Iron Tail get put on Toothless mwahahaha, but not yet. i need to make sure there is room for other moves like Psychic and whatnot. unfortunately, Faint Attack can only be learned at lvl 36 (or 32?) but right now, Toothless is at lvl 40!

oops. i missed it. there goes the attack bonus. there's always Bite. OwO


After finishing up at Olivine, I move on to Mahogany Town. They've got a cave called Mt. Mortar, a lake called Lake of RAGE!, and people called, TEAM ROCKET! BLASTING OFF AT THE SPEEEEEEEEED OF light. *meowth, that's Wight!*

I cross Mt. Mortar (no captures since i didn't need that rattata.) I cross route 42 (no captures since i already got FCUK Yeah TT-TT). Getting to the lake, i decide to get the Shiny Gyarados. MUST GET!

Lake of Rage - Gyarados (Shiny!) (lvl 30,m)

So this process needs to be delicate. hurt with poisonpowder, stun with thunder wave. But NOOOO... doesn't want to get caught, and he busts out of two pokeballs. and to add insult to injury, it uses Thrash. and thrashed so much, that he ended up hurting himself.

0 hp. >_<

heading back to Mahogany Town.
Route 43 - Girafarig (lvl 15,m)

another Normal pokemon eh? well, need another pokemon. and it has confusion! so let's weaken it with bite, Poseidan. .. 0 hp. It's super effective?

O_o. apparently it's not just a normal type, but it's Psychic? CRAP!!


Then all a sudden. TEAM ROCKET ATTACK!

i was pretty frustrated with not catching a pokemon, so i just sped through and showed them the BACK OF MY HAND! and.. they have Raticates. I DON'T LIKE RATICATES!!!


Dookie shows up, challenging me? RAGE-DYUKEN!!! bwahaha. no love, NO KISS! *i dunno why i said that. possibly because Dookie looks like a girl.*


*breathe.. breathe*

i left them all in a pile of dust. but i still have some left over rage in the corner there..

oh what's that? a gym? Mahogany Gym, where you can blow off some steam and stress.

Mahogany Gym

lvl 20s? lvl 30s? HA! all lvl 40 in my team! Lawless, time to shine. RAZOR LEAF OF DEATHHHHHHH!!!

thanks for the badge! bwahahaha. oops, sorry. i promise to keep up the tradition of trust and love for pokemon. no cockiness here. :P

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from olivine city to cianwood city, with love [24 Jun 2010|12:33pm]
after laying Oceanic to rest, we pass the milktank farm. no free milk yet :( then onto Olivine City. A good place for my crew to rest and level up at the gym. but wait?! where's the people? apparently i get to climb the lighthouse (WHICH LOOKS LIKE A SKYSCRAPER), to battle other trainers and finally Gym Leader Jasmine.

I get to level up Toothless and Lawless and i finally gave into letting ShadyGaGa evolve into Graveler so he can get better stats. Slower but stronger.


Walking all the way to the top.. "I'm sorry the princess is in another castle!" >_> actually, she wants me to get her meds. so i go get her meds. across the ocean. in a city where fighting pokemon roam. FIGHTING pokemon. the type of pokemon that is SUPER-EFFECTIVE against normal type.

i could cry, but i promised Oceanic i wouldn't. then i realized the only one that can use surf right now is KyutaLove. :( my poor furret is already stuck with Cut, i couldn't subjugate her to another HM. SHE'S NOT A [HM] WHORE! so my only choice is to try and get Poseidan up to lvl to be a Gyarados or catch a water pokemon. So i try some towns with bodies of water. well, the first town gave me yet another Magikarp.

More like FailKarp.

so i head over to Route 42 with no visible grass and a large body of water. *please.. something good*

Route 42 - Goldeen (lvl 20, m) the GAY pokemon?
Fcuk Yeah - (Seaking GET): to be fair, Goldeen may just be the most flamboyant of all pokemon. Mr. Mime doesn't count, he's just creepy. well, catch and get. used the Lure Ball to chase him and use him as my surfboard.

suprisingly enough, that one tiny goldfish can carry me and 5 other pokemone (one of which is just ROCK) across the ocean and to the drugs for the crazy lady looking to score at the top of the building surrounded by fanatics. yeah.. who's the weird creepy one now? erm.. don't answer that.

Route 40 and 41
Heading down to Cianwood City, but i need to cross the water. "the water looks calm. do you want to use Surf, FCUK YEAH! ..used surf..

that would have been nice. like an "on the water battle cry!"

but instead, i get a couple of tentacool.

Route 40 - Tentacool (lvl 22 ,m) - a good back up for surf. I must have it!
Catastrofe is jealous like a real cat and crits him when he's at yellow hp.

attempt one. FAIL. it's cool. just like Dory says "Just keep swimming!"
Route 41 - Tentacool (lvl 20, m) - 2nd attempt
Catastrope just rips this one apart.

Cianwood City

I arrive there after battling several swimming trainers. thank goodness for Lawless and Mjollnir's advantage. but the gym will be tough to defeat and i'll need a flying pokemon to return anyways, so i might as well beef up.

SURF AND GRIND!! FCUK YEAH gets to lvl 27 and is the only pokemon with a flying type attack PECK. Hopefully it's able to handle those punches and kicks. but wait. I've overlooked one other ability that FCUK YEAH has.

SUPERSONIC. the most annoying move in the history of pokemon blue, red and yellow or green if you were in japan. This move confuses the crap out of any pokemon and makes them hurt themselves. just like what Mr. Mime did to Oceanic.

what better way to get revenge on the world than to use the very same weapon that hurt my friends to hurt your friends.. and oh, there will be blood.

Cianwood City Gym
i had a look ahead and knew the only way to end the fight, is to be fast and confuse them early. FCUK YEAH used SUPERSONIC! SUPERSONIC! SUPERSONIC!!!!!

well well well. the gay pokemon with the big eyes with eye shadow turned out to be a powerhouse. can't judge a book by it's cover eh?

We make it to the Leader Chuck. more like Upchuck my food when i see his ugly face. amirite?

but i was too cocky.

FCUK YEAH used supersonic on his Primeape. Primeape is CONFUSED. Primeape uses Hi Jump Kick. O_O!

1-hit KO.


ShadyGaGa, STOP that monkey!

leaving the gym.

I lost another friend, just when i knew what he could do. FCUK YEAH didn't even get to become a Seaking and he was gone. **unfortunately, i needed a water pokemon to leave the island, otherwise i'd be stuck** even though i need to replace you, no one can replace the spot you have in my heart.

right next to Oceanic.

...sniff sniff..

Cianwood City - Krabby (lvl 20, m) you will become his successor. you will become his reincarnate. you will become strong in the name of FCUK YEAH.

Clamps!! (teh CLAMPS!!) - train hard young one. your destiny awaits.

"Clamps!! used surf."
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Goodbye my flying friend [20 Jun 2010|09:30am]
on my way to the next town, i had a new opportunity to add a new member to my team. though, i'm weary of tall grass that contains a high percent of Rattatas. I DON'T NEED THEM!

so i stay on the path and battle some trainers. wam bam! but there are some areas i need to cross the grass, so i encounter this guy.

Route 38 - Meowth (lvl 16, m) nothing like a greedy kitty to make me some monies!

Catastrofe - (aka Catastrophe, not enough space for the 'ph') another normal type pokemon. i need to get better types. at least i know that i'll get an umbreon! squee!

while i'm at Route 38, i decided to start grinding and level up my team. Oceanic didn't get to fight in a gym battle, so i wanted him to get back into battling.

schoolboy Chad - lvl 19 Mr. Mime.
spams confusion which does a good chunk of damage and causes confusion! Good thing i had a bitter berry to stop the confusion and full heals. but what i didn't realize was the amount of damage that oceanic did to himself. I was also stupid enough to not switch him out. i'm so sorry!

after i had used a full heal on Oceanic, Mr. Mime retaliates with yet another confusion. AND confuses Oceanic yet again! and thinking i could risk it, i had Oceanic try to use a quick attack. :(

and he hurt himself in his confusion. (down to 11 hp). Mr. Mime uses confusion. (down to 0 hp).


Here lies Oceanic (lvl 25, m), an ace in the sky. a fleeting masterpiece. SOAR HIGH into HEAVEN!!

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make those girls cry [18 Jun 2010|12:28am]
the more i'm in the chem department, the more i want to have that pokewalker. my legs are so damn sore, i've pretty sure i can level up a pokemon in one night.

i digress.

Ecruteak City got a theater show where you can battle 5 sexy kimono girls. Sexy! also a very good way to get 720 exp for any of your crew. everyone wins! after some stratemagization, i decided to wait til eevee is level 30-34 before evolving it into an umbreon. that way, Toothless can learn Bite. see what i did there? After fighting against these five girls, i realize the different evolution can be weak. so, definitely will need to beef up toothless so he won't get owned by bug or psychic pokemon.

now i have a gym filled with ghosts. what do i do? i suppose i can go ahead and catch one bug pokemon at the contest, but i'm not really sure if i'll get what i want. and what i want is Scyther --> Scizor.

i already have a name. BARAKA! :D
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just a normal team [15 Jun 2010|10:24am]
Ecruteak City! the historic town where the past meets the present!

and the most important part, where you meet Bill so you can go back to GoldenRod City and get a FREE EEVEE! Why Eevee is so popular, it's beyond me.. i mean it can evolve into a multitude of elemental pokemon with awesome designs and ass-kicking abilities/attacks. and now in Johto, you can evolve them into a psychic type or dark type. Two really really imba types. so yeah, why would everyone be excited to get a free eevee, in a game where you can breed more eevees and have them evolve into every starter type + two of the strongest types?

Bill: Eevee (m, lvl20) - FREE!!

Toothless - (nightfury): all in anticipation for his evolution to become Umbreon. DARK POWER!! DARK! POWER!

but for now... GRINDING!!

Main Team Roster (as of now)
Toothless - Eevee
KyutaLove - Furret
LawLess - Bayleef
ShadyGaGa - Geodude
Oceanic - Pidgeotto
Mjollnir - Flaffy
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grinding and the goldenrod... (gross) [11 Jun 2010|10:27am]
At the Goldenrod Gym, it's all buffed normal type pokemon! I suppose there isn't a threat since my pokemon are all normal (sans Mjollnir and LawLess), but the bad part are the levels. They range from 10-17, so i best get to grinding. though, i cheated and skipped some areas so i could come back with a BADASS rod and fish for some good stuff (hopefully a GOOD water pokemanz).

So, the only thing to do is skip the city gym and grind at the next route and HOPE i get something good there (drowsee PLOX).

Route 33: Ekans (m, lvl6)
might as well backtrack to this area, because the night is the same as the day in terms of catching pokemon.

Voldemort (aka Tom Riddle) - Snake and Slitherins and the dark Lord! Ekans is really just voldemort backwards.

Unfortunately this area lacks higher level pokemon, so no need to stay and grind.


oh look, some brownies and cub scouts. :3 i'll take your monies!! oh, the crazy guy with Voltorbs. yeah, not risking a freaking self-destruct or explosion. QU-QU-QU-QU-QUICK ATTACK! :D either way, they didn't have or use the ability. safe. now i come to the grassy area.

Route 35: Nidoran (m,lvl 12)
this guy was a tough little fighter, unfortunately, not a type i need. As i already have bunch of normals, it may not be that useful. UNTIL it starts using double kick. WTF! is that a fighting type move? and horn strike is pretty strong too!

MooseMunch - as soon as i caught him, i tried to name him something cool like RobotUnicorn, but accidentally ended too soon. So he was RoboU for just a little while. Luckily Goldrod City has the name rater, so i went there to get a name change. As i was thinking up a name, Gmail pop-up with a Harry & David mail talking about MooseMunch (a popcorn mix that mainly contains chocolate!).

thus, MooseMunch was born!

Goldenrod Gym
the "Beauties" or "Lassies" that protect the gym were cake! nothing like making bitchy girls cry. well, they kind of deserve it... Whitney on the other hand. Ugh.. MILKTANK!! that disgusting pokemon's "rollout" was way too strong. in fact i cheated. i tried to beat the gym with underlevels, but i was wiped out. rather than releasing a crew, i just reset and grinded to a proper level.

now is the time for revenge! i got everyone up to lvl 19-21, sans MooseMunch and KyutaLove. my plan for them is to have them lower by 5 levels in order to be able to capture pokemon. Oceanic did a lot to stop Milktank. luckily, it didn't use rollout this time. but the attract ability prevented me from being able to get hits in. so i rotated Mjollnir, LawLess, and Oceanic. But Mjollnir and LawLess are too week, so i brought ShadyGaGa and Magnitude. This move is FUN. You can't help but belch the word in a satanic voice and add a number. MAGNITUDE 8!!!!!


i ended up using 3 super potions to stop Milktank, since it's ability Milkdrink let's her regain a large amount of hp. finally i win and drink the ambrosia that is her tears. they were delicious.


taking a visit to the National Park. I have too many freaks giving me a call and telling me to go to this park for a bug-catching contest. though the ONLY good bug is scyther or butterfree. i won't taking anything else. so i'll just visit for the stuff, but in terms of catching, maybe i'll be EXTREMELY lucky and get one.

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Union Cave and Azalea Town [10 Jun 2010|03:00am]
Go into Union cave, encounter some trainers that prowl in the dark. hikers and weird clown man. Hikers stack geodudes and onix: meet LawLess, GRASS TYPE!!! :D

it's ridiculous to think that it's so easy to make monies!

Union Cave: Geodude (m, lvl 6)
ShadyGaGa - kind of like Rocky. face that you could build from a pile of bricks, but once i get some rock throws, it'll bury any opponent in my path.

outside of Union Cave, fight some more Hikers and weird clown guy. Vulpix... burn? Oceanic is on fire! turbulence! i decided to skip the grass to head straight to town and into a pokecenter. i'll remember to visit during the evenings to find some night-time pokemons!

pass by shady looking dudes into black clothing. TEAM ROCKET?! *meowth that's right!"

another outside quest to save the slowpokes! i'm on it like a hobo on a hamsandwich! drop into the well for some easy lvls.

Slowpoke Well: Magikarp (m, lvl 10)
if i need to fish, might as well fish. Magikarp is all i'll get with this OLD ROD, hurhurhur. i get splashed on more than a japanese b******** porno.

Poseidan (aka GOD OF SEA) - "one day, i fucking swear, when i evolve, i'm going to fucking kill you all." oh you will.. you will. because i have plans for you! mwahahaha.

team rocket? hahahaha.. it tickles. LawLess evolves into BayLeef, a brontosaurus with a big head and little body! dune wihd bludee bhig huud! Mjollnir evolves into Flaffy, instead of on all 4s, this one sits!!

thanks team rocket, for being crappy!

Azalea Town Gym - Leader Bugsy
creepy gym with creepy bugs. Oceanic wipes them off his windshield after plowing through at 100mph! the only annoying thing about bugs is the poison!

Ilex Forest: Zubat (f, lvl 5)
hmm, i could use one. let's try hitting it softly. --ONE HIT KO with TACKLE--. whoops.. oh well.

but then... an egg hatches..

Egg: Togepi (m, lvl 5)

Ovulamati - (Ovuluminati!, O-mati) he sees all that you do. it sees into your very soul!!silver.

Skip more routes to come back and get more nighttimers. maybe i'll research and try and get something coooool and useless. need a freaking fire type.

routes also have easy trainers! good time to level up O-mati and Poseidan. *gadgetchu, still useless. can't use cut.* into the box with her!

onto Goldenrod City! explore! or get lost? found a random bike shop, "why yes, i'd be delighted to hold onto your bicycle for free!" meet some NERDS in the underground path. hehe, oh wait. they look familiar. as if i see them everyday in front of a mirror or something. hmmm
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Violet Gym, more like VIOLENCE GYM! [08 Jun 2010|12:28pm]
So HMs can't be removed until i reach a certain town. Fuuuu! Lawless is stuck with a support ability (flash). we're also on the run since Lawless apparently flashed some girls. whooops, i told him not too.

We begin to grind some in Sprout Tower and chain a bunch of Rattatas. Mwahaha, Oceanic feasts on Rattatas like smoke monster feeds on candidates. and then, it appears.

SHINY Rattata (m, lvl5). shinies are unbound by the laws of challenge and are free for capture. MUST GET, if only i remembered that i used up my pokeballs on Geo-effing-dude. so i just ended up having KyutaLove kill it. sigh... my first shiny, by random, albeit only a Shiny Rattata (ugly grey more like it).

we grind some more and head to the first gym. (sigh, GadgetChu would have gotten herself a ChipChu. Chip is the only one that deserves Gadget. and they would have been able to make sweet sweet labyrinth cheese.)

Violet Gym is a cinch, using my awesome Oceanic 815. yay for lvling up my crew. and get another call from prof. elm. Ditches the egg back onto me.

Head over to Ruins of Alph: Unown (K, lvl 5)
solved the puzzle because a true gentleman leaves no puzzle unsolved! i get to encounter the Unown, maybe this can be my new HM buddy.

WTFmate?! (OKAY!) - the letter 'K' looks like "OK," as in "i'm okay with this." but hidden power my ass. no point in leveling?

Moving onto the next city along Route 32: Mareep (m, lvl 6)
sweet! SHEEP. SHEEEEEEP. MEEEEEEEEH! i have a natural affinity towards sheep. not the kind of affinity Jim-bob had with his sheep, but i'm a fan of Baa-Ram-Ewe. in retrospect, that's what his name should have been.

Mjollnir (Fox Mulder, or Muldy) - also named after the hammer of THOR, god of THUNDER AND LIGHTNING!! he's a male, so i decided that he should have a cool name, despite him being fluffy.

Wander to the pokecenter, i end up cross the bridge of stinky fisherman. One of them stacked Magikarps (^o^), easy way for me to level up WTFmate?! since Muldy got sent straight to box :'(

lvl 5 Magikarp - splash splash splash.
lvl 5 Magikarp - splash splash splash.
lvl 15 Magikarp - TACKLE MOTHER EFFER!! WTFmate?! is not OK! almost died, (damn). swap out with Lawless and razor leaf! SUPER EFFECTIVE (i think i must have that in every post)!
lvl 5 Magikarp - spl/ interrupting "TIGER UPPERCUT!"

i got your monies!

i get to the pokecenter and some fat-ass tries to sell me Slowpoke Tails for 1 million. WTF mate?! i'm not made of money! i had to freakin' walk to get to this place. i can't even afford a bike or a fishing rod. some old bastard just give me an OLD ROD after i did that favor behind the alley. unfortunately, did not have a ditto to help me out :\

Union Cave entrance, maybe if i make it to a new area, i'll fish for a magikarp and get my revenge on the old man.
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it was all a dream [07 Jun 2010|04:38pm]
Pokemon Challenge.. It was all a dream! (actually, my comp froze midgame and deleted my save.)

Still Silver, but i know who i wanted. LawLess - Chikorita (m, lvl 5).

We go and kick ass in the morning. Dreamt of HootHoots, but only see Rattatas and Pidgeys. Meet the red-head, wasn't Doodie, but close enough. Dookie and his stolen Cyndaquil. We stomp his ass. :D
On a mission now to get my awesome group!

Route 29: Sentret (f, lvl 3)
HELL YEAHS! raccooooon pokemon, DO WANT. Pokeball go!

KyutaLove (full name: Kyuuta Panda Lovely) - she's slow in leveling but i snuggle with her. Her motto: "Defeat enemies with love."

Walk past Cherry Grove to Route 30: Pidgey (m, lvl4)
ohh nostalgia. i had a pidgey --> pidgeot in my main during Blue. it's only fitting to have him back.

Oceanic (full name: Oceanic 815) - crashed? or a flash sideways to a Poke Reality. Only fitting since Johto is filled with islands. will Fly me soon!

Walking around Route 31: Bellsprout (lvl 3)
LUCKY!! it's not a crappy Rattata! Oceanic taps it once... gets it to about 55% HP. ok. Let's swap pokemon to KyutaLove who's at a weaker level to tap the Bellsprout again. Lvl 5 KyutaLove tackles! *CRITICAL HIT* Wild Bellsprout dies. KyutaLove gains xxx XP. KyutaLove becomes level 6. KyutaLove smiles.

me, i'm speechless.

We get to Violet City. Let's check out Sprout Tower, a 3 story pagoda. Inside are Shinto monks (er.. Sages) that worship the essence that is Bellsprout. Oceanic lvls up to 8 and learns gust. Oceanic uses Gust, SUPER EFFECTIVE. Bellsprouts faint. :D

Sprout Tower: Rattata (f, lvl4)
apparently the place is infested with rats. if i must, i must.

GadgetChu (or just Gadget) - :\ you will be my HM slut! *before getting the Flash HM*, "NOT ABLE" to use Flash HM on Gadget *after getting the Flash HM*. :\

Well, i'll just put flash on LawLess and find a different pokemon to use Flash. I'll check out Dark Cave before going to the gym. maybe get another member. oh wait, i need a badge to be able to use flash. >_> w/e!

Dark Cave: Geodude (lvl 2)
Wow!! a tank! i can definitely use him! lvl 4 Gadget is weak enough so i can capture him! Gadget does her sexy dance (tail whip) to lull him in a false sense of security. now TACKLE him! Geodude is at a nice red HP. time to try a pokeball. bing.. bing.. bing... Geodude: "F- YOU! i bust out of your pokeball!"

try again! Geodude: "F- YOU! i do it again!!"

pokeballs: x0

"Gadget, if we can't have him, no one can!"
Gadget becomes lvl 5.

maybe i'll look for more members during nighttime.
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pokemon challenge pt 2 [06 Jun 2010|09:10pm]
Hah! Defeated Rival Doodie as he tried to escape. Unfortunately, I didn't know I needed to stop him from stealing Cyndaquil. Afterwards, I finally was able to get pokeballs! I be trippin' BALLS!

My first catch is HootHoot (m, lvl2) - GazerBeam. Unfortunately, I encounter a couple of punks waiting along the road. I use Gazerbeam to beat up on Joey, but Mikey's Rattata tail whips and tackles + crits for a 14 point damage.

the first casualty. Gazerbeam did his best to fight and become strong, but he pushed himself too hard. I should have stop you, but you had that fire in your insanely large eyes and your eyebrows knew no fear.

you will be miss, but i will never forget what you taught me about bravery.

Lawless, GO!!
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Doing pokemon challenge! [06 Jun 2010|08:59pm]
read through a bunch of webcomics on the Pokemon Challenge. The challenge's rule are as follows:
1. Catch the first Pokemon you encounter in each route/cave/whatever and nothing else (exception shinies). If you fail to catch it, too bad, continue onwards.
2. If your Pokemon faints, consider it dead and release it.
3. Only 1 Pokeball per mart
4. Name everybody!

the fun part for me must be naming the pokemon. i never named any of mine when i first played Blue (which i got because it included sandshrew/sandslash). i suppose that was because Ash never named his, so i followed suit.

i unfortunately can't draw, but i'll still keep track of what happens.
Profile: Silver
Starter: Chikorita (m, lvl 2) - Lawless

Rival: Doodie

1st catch (Route 29): HootHoot (m, lvl 2) - GazerBeam

Adventure Awaits!
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returning to LJ [02 Nov 2009|10:25pm]
just to say... i've become a med tech by day to a professor of archeology for halloween to a piggy flu mask wearing gimp with a thumb splint.

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Blood Banking [21 Dec 2008|11:08pm]
Finally, I'm getting to this segment of my clinical rotations. It's been busy with the weekly tests and unexpected management homework, but with this "winter vacation," i should be able to update on my time in the blood bank, and n'er spare the details.

i spent 3 weeks at Carter Blood Care in Hurst (or Bedford), Texas. It is the major blood bank for Fort Worth and Dallas and everything in between. Recently they acquired a blood bank in Tyler, which has a strong HLA department and is a core HLA lab (to my recollection, my mind is fuzzy on this matter at the moment). I stayed in the Reference and Transfusion Lab, where essentially the lab is. It is comprised of med techs that are always there. They will perform the lab testing to determine a person's blood type and presence of antibodies in order to find and send out bags of blood.

"compatible blood" is what people hear when they think of transfusions, and that's what we do. usually, a doctor will order an Antibody screen and crossmatch. this is usually for surgery. a med tech will then receive the patient's blood sample and centrifuge it into two parts: serum (or plasma) and packed red blood cells (RBCs). serum is the fluid in which your red blood cells flow through and contains anything else that may be flowing through your veins (such as antibodies).

a patient's serum is used to determine what antibodies they have and indirectly determine what antigens they don't have. the word antibody is said a lot in the news and media, making people think that it's a supercure that is within our blood, but it's just a half truth. it's actually a small protein that binds to something foreign to your body. Your body makes these all the time and they are specific to many foreign substances that you encounter. for instance, whenever you are vaccinated, you're actually infected with a disease. the disease is actually weak or dead and cells in your body will attack it. As a result, your body will make antibodies to that disease so that body will respond to any re-infection.

a patient's cells are used to determine what is on your cells and group you into a "type." like type A, B, AB, or O. what you may not know is these types are determined by what sugars are on the surface of your red blood cells. the type O sugars are the base sugars for RBCs, so A, B, and AB types will also have O sugars, but with additional sugars on top. this is the reason why O blood is the universal blood type. the other types have O sugars and do not make any antibodies against type O blood. on the other hand, type O serum has antibodies to A and B type sugars. so only type O blood can accept O blood. at the same time, type A will have antibodies against B type blood and vise versa. AB blood types do not have any antibodies against A, B or O because they have all three sugars on their RBCs.

now, what does positive or negative mean? it's actually another sugar that is on the RBC in a group/family/system called the Rhesus system (Rh system). positive means you have it and negative means you don't. if you don't have it, then that means you can make an Rh antibody which is a very quick to acting antibody. This because a big problem in the blood bank because majority of the world is Rh positive. so in order to stop Rh negative people from making these antibodies, the hospitals will make sure to give the patients Negative blood.

though there are different ways other than blood transfusions can a person get exposed to blood and developing an antibody. an example is sharing needles or an accidental stick, or through a pregnancy (baby blood will mix with the mother's during delivery). basically your body is exposed to a foreign blood and your body will then identify the foreign substance and create an antibody to it.

so now you have a general idea on what a blood bank does and what the meaning is behind blood types. now you think A, B, AB, and O types is just so little and easy to remember, why need for techs to do this? well, the human red blood cell contains over different antigens on cell membrane, making the serum capable of making a bunch of antibodies whenever it is exposed.

sometimes patients will come into the emergency room and will need some blood. later, techs will dicover that the person has antibodies to a couple of different types. well, it is possible that the blood will be destroyed by the patient and they will lose blood. though, because of techs, they will ID those antibodies and find blood in the blood bank that does not have those types and we call that compatible blood.

the blood bank makes different products, including red cells (blood), plasma, platelets and other miscellaneous products for specific procedures or treatments. platelets are the cells in your body that clots wounds and assists with healing. they only last for 5 days. any platelet that doesn't get used for 5 days can be sold to a cosmetic company to create makeup. that's right ladies, some of the makeup you are using is probably made from a person's blood.
though, you have nothing to worry about, because diseases can not be tranmitted by this way.

plasma is sometimes used for people that lose fluid. so they need a medium for the blood to flow through. AB plasma contains no A or B antibodies. in terms of plasma, the less antibodies the better.

well, that's a generally look into the blood bank. if you have any questions, i'm always a comment away. i feel very satisfied with my experience and it will be my choice to go into the blood banking specialty. it has instant-gratification because you work about 30 mins to an hour and a half on a patient in order to discover a patient's complete type and antibody screen.

i've also become a big advocate for donating blood. blood is needed all the time, but it expires. so instead of donating at big drives, you should donate periodically through out the year. it is important that a blood bank is fully stocked all year round and not only during one season. blood can last up to 42 days max without freezing and the older a bag of blood is, the less chance of it will be healthy for the patient.

plasma or platelet donors are also needed as well. so if you have a high platelet count or want to donate plasma, you should take that opportunity too. plus, at the end of every donation, they feed you with a snack and juice. :)
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finally saw The Dark Knight [17 Dec 2008|08:26pm]
done and done. in only after 20 years can there be another Joker.
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the "boy" [25 Nov 2008|12:01am]
i feel like Kif Kroker from Futurama sometimes. not in the sense of "green alien with no bones," but in the sense that i feel like i'm helpless when listening to superiors: namely my parents.

it's annoying how they just spout illogical reasonings at you and then you're expected to understand and comply. **much like kif, who does as he's told and lives a miserable life. i was told to get my priorities straight because i choose to spend a little more time with my girlfriend. and because i do that instead of doing school work (ie: making a copy of my rotation schedule) at 11.00pm when it's supposed to be my bedtime. granted i am supposed to wake up early in the morning to get to Seton, but 11.30pm or midnight is NOT going to make me flunk.

my dad insists that i will flunk. i think he just wants me to fail so he has something to criticize. it makes him feel like a better person, pointing out other people's flaw. it's like a drug that he can't get enough of. and why not. he's a virgo...

he's obviously projecting physical and personal flaws onto everyone else. and so the only way to fight back is to throw his flaws right back at him. but what's the point.. there's no helping him. he is who he is. putting worthless priorities over everyone important in his life.

my pet peeve is when people tell you to do things as you are doing them. and my dad violates that rule all the time. i think i'm just going to do that to him all the time now. because he's going to hate it and he won't know why i'm doing it. it's like an ignorant manager or supervisor. ugh.. i wish i could quit.
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i'm comin home Austin! i'm comin' home... [12 Nov 2008|09:27pm]
HOT DIGGITY DAMN!! i finally got word that i will be going to Seton Hospital for my clinical rotations. this is the best news i've gotten from this school. i've been waiting so long to hear this and i'm sure the school administration has had enough of me pestering them about it. suffice to say, they really pulled through on this one and i'm super happy. :D

i will update my rotation at the blood bank later and a more in-depth post will arrive soon.
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clinical rotations: Molecular Week [26 Oct 2008|03:21pm]
I suppose I should start chronicles of my clinical rotations, in the event I ever want to look back and laugh how pathetic I was in school.

So my first week in clinicals started off at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas. I don't know much about the hospital other than it was huge and rich. I say that because it wasn't a public hospital that could accept massive loads of un-insured patients like Parkland or JPS. Though this lab still had the hustle of a public lab, so i makes me wonder if they do accept anyone. well, anyone will simple medical insurance. You'd think it would be easy to be treated at a hospital, but this discussion is for another time.

Day 1: Molecular Pathology Lab.
This was the first time I arrived into a clinical with an knowledgeable academic background and I still couldn't hold back my enthusiasm. The tech that I shadowed is very kind and tried to give us (another classmate of mine) an overview of what they did in the lab. She was patient with us even though she had 3 RNA extractions to perform, a B & T cell PCR, and a bcr/abl FISH (i believe) to perform. suffice to say, most of those techniques take a long long time and interrupting the process can only come when there is incubation time. The lab had about 4 or 5 people in it at the time, so it seems like a normal sized clinical lab.

Day 2: Immunology Lab.
This one is not a large as the first lab, in fact it is in a separate building from all the older labs. It is very crowded and difficult to maneuver around other people, but it seems the people in there are used to it. This lab is filled with a lot of people and the doctor on staff is always there. Dr. Newman actually gave us a lecture over flowcytommetry and overviewed the various clinical applications for using them. This lab has 3 flows, which is quite a bit. Each one is used specifically for different things too. The lab also did electrophoresis and ANA staining, so i can understand why they needed so many people too. Not really quite where I would like to work, but interesting enough.

Day 3: Transplant/HLA Lab.
You would not believe all the ORGANS they had stacked up along the walls!?!? Just kidding! The HLA lab does not need the organs to test compatibility. They just need a blood sample. Not that many people know this, but organs need to be typed not just by blood group, but by their white blood cell groups. We spoke with the lab director there and talks a lot about the various transplants that needed to be tested. Hearts, skin, kidney, lungs, bone marrow. Though the sad thing is kidneys are the most needed organ. And people spend 3-5 years on a waiting list just to get to the top of the list. and on top of that, they need to be compatible with the donated kidney. In high demand places like NY, it may be up to 6-9 years. Though, if you needed a heart transplant, you would have a short wait (about 6 months) for a compatible heart. Bone marrow transplants have also changed into needing stem cells of the bone. And lots of people are unwilling to consent to stem cell donations because they associate those cells with dead babies. Which is completely untrue. In fact, it's less painful to give up stem cells than bone marrow. So if you ever wanted to donate bone marrow, donate stem cells instead. it's more pure for the patient and easier on you.

Day 4: Molecular Microbiology/Virology and Electron Microscopy Labs.
The molecular microbio/virology lab is ran by three techs per shift. It is because they have many automated machines that perform the amplification steps for them. This gives them more time to perform more samples, including MRSA, Gonorrheae/Chlamydia, HCV. This lab is so cool. Though, it wasn't as "fast-paced" or glamourous than I thought. Their virology section consisted of growth and fluorescent staining. I thought it was really neat, but by the looks on their faces, they felt like "if you've seen it once, you've seen them all." Maybe I'm more suited for the CDC or research lab.

The electron microscope lab was just ran by one guy and he performs maybe 1-2 runs a day. It takes about a good 3 hours to prep the machine and specimen and then about 30 mins - 1 hour to view the whole specimen and mark down areas where he thinks immune complexes are depositing onto kidneys. It's a really cool machine, but it seems like he's just by himself and really doesn't get much interaction :(

All in all, I liked Baylor. It's definitely a great place to be to find a specialized area and further your career in. The only thing that bugged me was the fact that every other person was just having a bad day or really hated their job. The parking cashier was a total bitch, screaming "Go!! JUST GO!" twice when I tried to give her my parking stub. The lunch people would change their attitude whenever they had to stop talking to their friends and do their jobs and interact with me. And without fail, at least one tech in every lab had the saddest face the whole day. I didn't know if it was because they hated visitors or just hated their job.

The only upbeat person I saw was Louise, and that's because I ran into her randomly in the cafeteria. Turns out she was working at the hospital as a Dietician / Nutritionalist. Everyone else had just a normal working face or a sour face. :\

Baylor is great, but definitely not a place for me. i need smiles. I hunger for them 350 days a year. the other days are usually sparsed out as bad days, which at those times, I hunger for blood.
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and everything was going so well [19 Oct 2008|11:44pm]
speeding ticket! >_< dang you Cleburne! you shouldn't have enough money to buy laser speed detectors! now insurance goes up, 200 something out of wallet... poop. i wanted to spend my scholarship money on books and school supplies!
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and i am outta there!! [19 Oct 2008|04:27pm]
i finally made it to clinical rotations. i start in a Molecular lab in the Baylor University Medical Center of Dallas. quite a mouthful. it's only a week, not even, it's only 4 days!! molecular involves using DNA to identify and detect microorganisms or mutations of the genes and so on. lots of things that i probably won't be doing professional until i earn a better degree or do research for some company or professor.

the next block i will get to work in a blood bank. this is where i make magic!! i get to determine what blood goes into who. it's like a big factory that processes donated blood. we separate the red blood cells and plasma and platelets. did you know that the blood bank gets part of their income by selling platelets to makeup companies? interesting trivia for ya.

after the blood bank, i will return to Austin (i hope) and going to a Seton/Brakenridge hospital for another week in blood banking and an additional week of immunology. after i'm in austin, i'll do 3 6-week blocks in different departments: microbiology, hematology and chemistry.

microbiology is taking specimens and looking bacteria, viruses, parasites or fungi. your body is a wonderland of microbes! but don't worry, it's good that you have them. they even protect you from the harmful bacteria that try to invade your colon.

hematology is more about looking at blood and counting the number of cells that go through your veins. i'll probably just do a bunch of normal bloods, but get the occasional leukemias and lymphomas. i can see why doctors get paid a lot, bad news is expensive.

chemistry is the part of the lab that measures all the different things in your blood, whether it be fats, ammonia, electrolytes, drugs or tumor markers. it's really all self automated, so i essentially just put the sample onto the machine and then walk away. that's it! oh and then i have to read the print out and give a preliminary diagnosis or interpretation.

by the time this is all done, i'll be april. i will be preparing for my program finals and then taking the national exam. once that is all said and done, i should be in at hospital with a real job. it's just a matter of time. :3

but for now, i just need to worry about what to dress up as for Halloween!
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