Jonney (joniisan) wrote,

and i am outta there!!

i finally made it to clinical rotations. i start in a Molecular lab in the Baylor University Medical Center of Dallas. quite a mouthful. it's only a week, not even, it's only 4 days!! molecular involves using DNA to identify and detect microorganisms or mutations of the genes and so on. lots of things that i probably won't be doing professional until i earn a better degree or do research for some company or professor.

the next block i will get to work in a blood bank. this is where i make magic!! i get to determine what blood goes into who. it's like a big factory that processes donated blood. we separate the red blood cells and plasma and platelets. did you know that the blood bank gets part of their income by selling platelets to makeup companies? interesting trivia for ya.

after the blood bank, i will return to Austin (i hope) and going to a Seton/Brakenridge hospital for another week in blood banking and an additional week of immunology. after i'm in austin, i'll do 3 6-week blocks in different departments: microbiology, hematology and chemistry.

microbiology is taking specimens and looking bacteria, viruses, parasites or fungi. your body is a wonderland of microbes! but don't worry, it's good that you have them. they even protect you from the harmful bacteria that try to invade your colon.

hematology is more about looking at blood and counting the number of cells that go through your veins. i'll probably just do a bunch of normal bloods, but get the occasional leukemias and lymphomas. i can see why doctors get paid a lot, bad news is expensive.

chemistry is the part of the lab that measures all the different things in your blood, whether it be fats, ammonia, electrolytes, drugs or tumor markers. it's really all self automated, so i essentially just put the sample onto the machine and then walk away. that's it! oh and then i have to read the print out and give a preliminary diagnosis or interpretation.

by the time this is all done, i'll be april. i will be preparing for my program finals and then taking the national exam. once that is all said and done, i should be in at hospital with a real job. it's just a matter of time. :3

but for now, i just need to worry about what to dress up as for Halloween!
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