Jonney (joniisan) wrote,

Doing pokemon challenge!

read through a bunch of webcomics on the Pokemon Challenge. The challenge's rule are as follows:
1. Catch the first Pokemon you encounter in each route/cave/whatever and nothing else (exception shinies). If you fail to catch it, too bad, continue onwards.
2. If your Pokemon faints, consider it dead and release it.
3. Only 1 Pokeball per mart
4. Name everybody!

the fun part for me must be naming the pokemon. i never named any of mine when i first played Blue (which i got because it included sandshrew/sandslash). i suppose that was because Ash never named his, so i followed suit.

i unfortunately can't draw, but i'll still keep track of what happens.
Profile: Silver
Starter: Chikorita (m, lvl 2) - Lawless

Rival: Doodie

1st catch (Route 29): HootHoot (m, lvl 2) - GazerBeam

Adventure Awaits!
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