Jonney (joniisan) wrote,

it was all a dream

Pokemon Challenge.. It was all a dream! (actually, my comp froze midgame and deleted my save.)

Still Silver, but i know who i wanted. LawLess - Chikorita (m, lvl 5).

We go and kick ass in the morning. Dreamt of HootHoots, but only see Rattatas and Pidgeys. Meet the red-head, wasn't Doodie, but close enough. Dookie and his stolen Cyndaquil. We stomp his ass. :D
On a mission now to get my awesome group!

Route 29: Sentret (f, lvl 3)
HELL YEAHS! raccooooon pokemon, DO WANT. Pokeball go!

KyutaLove (full name: Kyuuta Panda Lovely) - she's slow in leveling but i snuggle with her. Her motto: "Defeat enemies with love."

Walk past Cherry Grove to Route 30: Pidgey (m, lvl4)
ohh nostalgia. i had a pidgey --> pidgeot in my main during Blue. it's only fitting to have him back.

Oceanic (full name: Oceanic 815) - crashed? or a flash sideways to a Poke Reality. Only fitting since Johto is filled with islands. will Fly me soon!

Walking around Route 31: Bellsprout (lvl 3)
LUCKY!! it's not a crappy Rattata! Oceanic taps it once... gets it to about 55% HP. ok. Let's swap pokemon to KyutaLove who's at a weaker level to tap the Bellsprout again. Lvl 5 KyutaLove tackles! *CRITICAL HIT* Wild Bellsprout dies. KyutaLove gains xxx XP. KyutaLove becomes level 6. KyutaLove smiles.

me, i'm speechless.

We get to Violet City. Let's check out Sprout Tower, a 3 story pagoda. Inside are Shinto monks (er.. Sages) that worship the essence that is Bellsprout. Oceanic lvls up to 8 and learns gust. Oceanic uses Gust, SUPER EFFECTIVE. Bellsprouts faint. :D

Sprout Tower: Rattata (f, lvl4)
apparently the place is infested with rats. if i must, i must.

GadgetChu (or just Gadget) - :\ you will be my HM slut! *before getting the Flash HM*, "NOT ABLE" to use Flash HM on Gadget *after getting the Flash HM*. :\

Well, i'll just put flash on LawLess and find a different pokemon to use Flash. I'll check out Dark Cave before going to the gym. maybe get another member. oh wait, i need a badge to be able to use flash. >_> w/e!

Dark Cave: Geodude (lvl 2)
Wow!! a tank! i can definitely use him! lvl 4 Gadget is weak enough so i can capture him! Gadget does her sexy dance (tail whip) to lull him in a false sense of security. now TACKLE him! Geodude is at a nice red HP. time to try a pokeball. bing.. bing.. bing... Geodude: "F- YOU! i bust out of your pokeball!"

try again! Geodude: "F- YOU! i do it again!!"

pokeballs: x0

"Gadget, if we can't have him, no one can!"
Gadget becomes lvl 5.

maybe i'll look for more members during nighttime.
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