Jonney (joniisan) wrote,

Violet Gym, more like VIOLENCE GYM!

So HMs can't be removed until i reach a certain town. Fuuuu! Lawless is stuck with a support ability (flash). we're also on the run since Lawless apparently flashed some girls. whooops, i told him not too.

We begin to grind some in Sprout Tower and chain a bunch of Rattatas. Mwahaha, Oceanic feasts on Rattatas like smoke monster feeds on candidates. and then, it appears.

SHINY Rattata (m, lvl5). shinies are unbound by the laws of challenge and are free for capture. MUST GET, if only i remembered that i used up my pokeballs on Geo-effing-dude. so i just ended up having KyutaLove kill it. sigh... my first shiny, by random, albeit only a Shiny Rattata (ugly grey more like it).

we grind some more and head to the first gym. (sigh, GadgetChu would have gotten herself a ChipChu. Chip is the only one that deserves Gadget. and they would have been able to make sweet sweet labyrinth cheese.)

Violet Gym is a cinch, using my awesome Oceanic 815. yay for lvling up my crew. and get another call from prof. elm. Ditches the egg back onto me.

Head over to Ruins of Alph: Unown (K, lvl 5)
solved the puzzle because a true gentleman leaves no puzzle unsolved! i get to encounter the Unown, maybe this can be my new HM buddy.

WTFmate?! (OKAY!) - the letter 'K' looks like "OK," as in "i'm okay with this." but hidden power my ass. no point in leveling?

Moving onto the next city along Route 32: Mareep (m, lvl 6)
sweet! SHEEP. SHEEEEEEP. MEEEEEEEEH! i have a natural affinity towards sheep. not the kind of affinity Jim-bob had with his sheep, but i'm a fan of Baa-Ram-Ewe. in retrospect, that's what his name should have been.

Mjollnir (Fox Mulder, or Muldy) - also named after the hammer of THOR, god of THUNDER AND LIGHTNING!! he's a male, so i decided that he should have a cool name, despite him being fluffy.

Wander to the pokecenter, i end up cross the bridge of stinky fisherman. One of them stacked Magikarps (^o^), easy way for me to level up WTFmate?! since Muldy got sent straight to box :'(

lvl 5 Magikarp - splash splash splash.
lvl 5 Magikarp - splash splash splash.
lvl 15 Magikarp - TACKLE MOTHER EFFER!! WTFmate?! is not OK! almost died, (damn). swap out with Lawless and razor leaf! SUPER EFFECTIVE (i think i must have that in every post)!
lvl 5 Magikarp - spl/ interrupting "TIGER UPPERCUT!"

i got your monies!

i get to the pokecenter and some fat-ass tries to sell me Slowpoke Tails for 1 million. WTF mate?! i'm not made of money! i had to freakin' walk to get to this place. i can't even afford a bike or a fishing rod. some old bastard just give me an OLD ROD after i did that favor behind the alley. unfortunately, did not have a ditto to help me out :\

Union Cave entrance, maybe if i make it to a new area, i'll fish for a magikarp and get my revenge on the old man.
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