Jonney (joniisan) wrote,

grinding and the goldenrod... (gross)

At the Goldenrod Gym, it's all buffed normal type pokemon! I suppose there isn't a threat since my pokemon are all normal (sans Mjollnir and LawLess), but the bad part are the levels. They range from 10-17, so i best get to grinding. though, i cheated and skipped some areas so i could come back with a BADASS rod and fish for some good stuff (hopefully a GOOD water pokemanz).

So, the only thing to do is skip the city gym and grind at the next route and HOPE i get something good there (drowsee PLOX).

Route 33: Ekans (m, lvl6)
might as well backtrack to this area, because the night is the same as the day in terms of catching pokemon.

Voldemort (aka Tom Riddle) - Snake and Slitherins and the dark Lord! Ekans is really just voldemort backwards.

Unfortunately this area lacks higher level pokemon, so no need to stay and grind.


oh look, some brownies and cub scouts. :3 i'll take your monies!! oh, the crazy guy with Voltorbs. yeah, not risking a freaking self-destruct or explosion. QU-QU-QU-QU-QUICK ATTACK! :D either way, they didn't have or use the ability. safe. now i come to the grassy area.

Route 35: Nidoran (m,lvl 12)
this guy was a tough little fighter, unfortunately, not a type i need. As i already have bunch of normals, it may not be that useful. UNTIL it starts using double kick. WTF! is that a fighting type move? and horn strike is pretty strong too!

MooseMunch - as soon as i caught him, i tried to name him something cool like RobotUnicorn, but accidentally ended too soon. So he was RoboU for just a little while. Luckily Goldrod City has the name rater, so i went there to get a name change. As i was thinking up a name, Gmail pop-up with a Harry & David mail talking about MooseMunch (a popcorn mix that mainly contains chocolate!).

thus, MooseMunch was born!

Goldenrod Gym
the "Beauties" or "Lassies" that protect the gym were cake! nothing like making bitchy girls cry. well, they kind of deserve it... Whitney on the other hand. Ugh.. MILKTANK!! that disgusting pokemon's "rollout" was way too strong. in fact i cheated. i tried to beat the gym with underlevels, but i was wiped out. rather than releasing a crew, i just reset and grinded to a proper level.

now is the time for revenge! i got everyone up to lvl 19-21, sans MooseMunch and KyutaLove. my plan for them is to have them lower by 5 levels in order to be able to capture pokemon. Oceanic did a lot to stop Milktank. luckily, it didn't use rollout this time. but the attract ability prevented me from being able to get hits in. so i rotated Mjollnir, LawLess, and Oceanic. But Mjollnir and LawLess are too week, so i brought ShadyGaGa and Magnitude. This move is FUN. You can't help but belch the word in a satanic voice and add a number. MAGNITUDE 8!!!!!


i ended up using 3 super potions to stop Milktank, since it's ability Milkdrink let's her regain a large amount of hp. finally i win and drink the ambrosia that is her tears. they were delicious.


taking a visit to the National Park. I have too many freaks giving me a call and telling me to go to this park for a bug-catching contest. though the ONLY good bug is scyther or butterfree. i won't taking anything else. so i'll just visit for the stuff, but in terms of catching, maybe i'll be EXTREMELY lucky and get one.

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