Jonney (joniisan) wrote,

make those girls cry

the more i'm in the chem department, the more i want to have that pokewalker. my legs are so damn sore, i've pretty sure i can level up a pokemon in one night.

i digress.

Ecruteak City got a theater show where you can battle 5 sexy kimono girls. Sexy! also a very good way to get 720 exp for any of your crew. everyone wins! after some stratemagization, i decided to wait til eevee is level 30-34 before evolving it into an umbreon. that way, Toothless can learn Bite. see what i did there? After fighting against these five girls, i realize the different evolution can be weak. so, definitely will need to beef up toothless so he won't get owned by bug or psychic pokemon.

now i have a gym filled with ghosts. what do i do? i suppose i can go ahead and catch one bug pokemon at the contest, but i'm not really sure if i'll get what i want. and what i want is Scyther --> Scizor.

i already have a name. BARAKA! :D
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