Jonney (joniisan) wrote,

Goodbye my flying friend

on my way to the next town, i had a new opportunity to add a new member to my team. though, i'm weary of tall grass that contains a high percent of Rattatas. I DON'T NEED THEM!

so i stay on the path and battle some trainers. wam bam! but there are some areas i need to cross the grass, so i encounter this guy.

Route 38 - Meowth (lvl 16, m) nothing like a greedy kitty to make me some monies!

Catastrofe - (aka Catastrophe, not enough space for the 'ph') another normal type pokemon. i need to get better types. at least i know that i'll get an umbreon! squee!

while i'm at Route 38, i decided to start grinding and level up my team. Oceanic didn't get to fight in a gym battle, so i wanted him to get back into battling.

schoolboy Chad - lvl 19 Mr. Mime.
spams confusion which does a good chunk of damage and causes confusion! Good thing i had a bitter berry to stop the confusion and full heals. but what i didn't realize was the amount of damage that oceanic did to himself. I was also stupid enough to not switch him out. i'm so sorry!

after i had used a full heal on Oceanic, Mr. Mime retaliates with yet another confusion. AND confuses Oceanic yet again! and thinking i could risk it, i had Oceanic try to use a quick attack. :(

and he hurt himself in his confusion. (down to 11 hp). Mr. Mime uses confusion. (down to 0 hp).


Here lies Oceanic (lvl 25, m), an ace in the sky. a fleeting masterpiece. SOAR HIGH into HEAVEN!!

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