Jonney (joniisan) wrote,

from olivine city to cianwood city, with love

after laying Oceanic to rest, we pass the milktank farm. no free milk yet :( then onto Olivine City. A good place for my crew to rest and level up at the gym. but wait?! where's the people? apparently i get to climb the lighthouse (WHICH LOOKS LIKE A SKYSCRAPER), to battle other trainers and finally Gym Leader Jasmine.

I get to level up Toothless and Lawless and i finally gave into letting ShadyGaGa evolve into Graveler so he can get better stats. Slower but stronger.


Walking all the way to the top.. "I'm sorry the princess is in another castle!" >_> actually, she wants me to get her meds. so i go get her meds. across the ocean. in a city where fighting pokemon roam. FIGHTING pokemon. the type of pokemon that is SUPER-EFFECTIVE against normal type.

i could cry, but i promised Oceanic i wouldn't. then i realized the only one that can use surf right now is KyutaLove. :( my poor furret is already stuck with Cut, i couldn't subjugate her to another HM. SHE'S NOT A [HM] WHORE! so my only choice is to try and get Poseidan up to lvl to be a Gyarados or catch a water pokemon. So i try some towns with bodies of water. well, the first town gave me yet another Magikarp.

More like FailKarp.

so i head over to Route 42 with no visible grass and a large body of water. *please.. something good*

Route 42 - Goldeen (lvl 20, m) the GAY pokemon?
Fcuk Yeah - (Seaking GET): to be fair, Goldeen may just be the most flamboyant of all pokemon. Mr. Mime doesn't count, he's just creepy. well, catch and get. used the Lure Ball to chase him and use him as my surfboard.

suprisingly enough, that one tiny goldfish can carry me and 5 other pokemone (one of which is just ROCK) across the ocean and to the drugs for the crazy lady looking to score at the top of the building surrounded by fanatics. yeah.. who's the weird creepy one now? erm.. don't answer that.

Route 40 and 41
Heading down to Cianwood City, but i need to cross the water. "the water looks calm. do you want to use Surf, FCUK YEAH! ..used surf..

that would have been nice. like an "on the water battle cry!"

but instead, i get a couple of tentacool.

Route 40 - Tentacool (lvl 22 ,m) - a good back up for surf. I must have it!
Catastrofe is jealous like a real cat and crits him when he's at yellow hp.

attempt one. FAIL. it's cool. just like Dory says "Just keep swimming!"
Route 41 - Tentacool (lvl 20, m) - 2nd attempt
Catastrope just rips this one apart.

Cianwood City

I arrive there after battling several swimming trainers. thank goodness for Lawless and Mjollnir's advantage. but the gym will be tough to defeat and i'll need a flying pokemon to return anyways, so i might as well beef up.

SURF AND GRIND!! FCUK YEAH gets to lvl 27 and is the only pokemon with a flying type attack PECK. Hopefully it's able to handle those punches and kicks. but wait. I've overlooked one other ability that FCUK YEAH has.

SUPERSONIC. the most annoying move in the history of pokemon blue, red and yellow or green if you were in japan. This move confuses the crap out of any pokemon and makes them hurt themselves. just like what Mr. Mime did to Oceanic.

what better way to get revenge on the world than to use the very same weapon that hurt my friends to hurt your friends.. and oh, there will be blood.

Cianwood City Gym
i had a look ahead and knew the only way to end the fight, is to be fast and confuse them early. FCUK YEAH used SUPERSONIC! SUPERSONIC! SUPERSONIC!!!!!

well well well. the gay pokemon with the big eyes with eye shadow turned out to be a powerhouse. can't judge a book by it's cover eh?

We make it to the Leader Chuck. more like Upchuck my food when i see his ugly face. amirite?

but i was too cocky.

FCUK YEAH used supersonic on his Primeape. Primeape is CONFUSED. Primeape uses Hi Jump Kick. O_O!

1-hit KO.


ShadyGaGa, STOP that monkey!

leaving the gym.

I lost another friend, just when i knew what he could do. FCUK YEAH didn't even get to become a Seaking and he was gone. **unfortunately, i needed a water pokemon to leave the island, otherwise i'd be stuck** even though i need to replace you, no one can replace the spot you have in my heart.

right next to Oceanic.

...sniff sniff..

Cianwood City - Krabby (lvl 20, m) you will become his successor. you will become his reincarnate. you will become strong in the name of FCUK YEAH.

Clamps!! (teh CLAMPS!!) - train hard young one. your destiny awaits.

"Clamps!! used surf."
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