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The problem with Olivine City Gym.

Steel-type + ground-type. let's see. that's like telling superman to wear lead armor to avoid kryptonite. that's like wolverine with adamantium skeleton + colossus's skin to create wolverossus. that's like saying in pokemon, hey, i'm going to make the toughest pokemon (onix) get even tougher. and let's add iron tail, because that would be ridiculous against normal type pokemon.

yeah. that's pretty much why i needed to LVL THE F* UP! i needed to turn my lvl 24 scrubs to lvl 35+ pros. especially Clamps!! the runt of the team. he needed it more than ever, so i put him in route 39 for some training.


now if you refer to the title. "oh noes, not again." in the tall grass, there are rattatas, meowth, farfetch'd, magnemite, and some tier 2 evolutions like raticate. stupid stupid raticates.

the only reason why anyone would use a raticate (no offense gary oak) is because of a move called hyper fang. it's ridiculously strong that i had to use ridiculous twice in this entry. (three times). now, when you put a critical hit with that. you end up with *sniff* a dead krabby. :'(

Clamps!! barely entered the world and then he was crushed and bisque'd. teh clamps could only do so much. i should have watched out for him, since he was still low.

RIP Clamps!!, lvl 21, murdered by a rat. you dirty rat, you killed my bruddah!


here's that predicament again. my surf pokemon dies and i'm trapped on land. at least i'm on the mainland, but i can't go fishing again. not since the chances of getting magikarp is 50%. so the only thing TO DO, is to make magikarp into gyarados. Poseidan needs to fulfill his destiny and become a god. Poseidan, use SPLASH! SPLASH! SPLASH!


after grinding what seems like an eternity, my pokemon have become above lvl 30. In fact, Lawless grew into a Meganium at lvl 32, the dinosaur with a flower petal mane. but still can't learn vine whip (what's up with that?!). Poseidan finally evolved and we took the grinding to the sea!

POWER LEVELING!! vs tentacools and tentacruels! (don't forget to bring your antidotes!)


i also popped into Mt Mortar and the Burnt Tower to see if i could add some potential awesomeness into my team.

*rattatas. rattatas everywhere*

after what happened to Clamps!!, no. NEVER AGAIN!


back to Olivine City Gym. Jasmine and her STEEL POKEMONs. 2 Magnemites (lvl 30) + 1 Steelix (lvl 35).

ShadyGaGa (SPAM MAGNITUDE!!) mag 7, mag 6, mag 4, mag 4.

Jasmine uses Hyper Potion on Steelix.

WHAT? ShadyGaGa (SPAM MAGNITUDE!! Do it, do it now!)


Finally got my badge and Iron Tail TM. it'll be imbalanced once Iron Tail get put on Toothless mwahahaha, but not yet. i need to make sure there is room for other moves like Psychic and whatnot. unfortunately, Faint Attack can only be learned at lvl 36 (or 32?) but right now, Toothless is at lvl 40!

oops. i missed it. there goes the attack bonus. there's always Bite. OwO


After finishing up at Olivine, I move on to Mahogany Town. They've got a cave called Mt. Mortar, a lake called Lake of RAGE!, and people called, TEAM ROCKET! BLASTING OFF AT THE SPEEEEEEEEED OF light. *meowth, that's Wight!*

I cross Mt. Mortar (no captures since i didn't need that rattata.) I cross route 42 (no captures since i already got FCUK Yeah TT-TT). Getting to the lake, i decide to get the Shiny Gyarados. MUST GET!

Lake of Rage - Gyarados (Shiny!) (lvl 30,m)

So this process needs to be delicate. hurt with poisonpowder, stun with thunder wave. But NOOOO... doesn't want to get caught, and he busts out of two pokeballs. and to add insult to injury, it uses Thrash. and thrashed so much, that he ended up hurting himself.

0 hp. >_<

heading back to Mahogany Town.
Route 43 - Girafarig (lvl 15,m)

another Normal pokemon eh? well, need another pokemon. and it has confusion! so let's weaken it with bite, Poseidan. .. 0 hp. It's super effective?

O_o. apparently it's not just a normal type, but it's Psychic? CRAP!!


Then all a sudden. TEAM ROCKET ATTACK!

i was pretty frustrated with not catching a pokemon, so i just sped through and showed them the BACK OF MY HAND! and.. they have Raticates. I DON'T LIKE RATICATES!!!


Dookie shows up, challenging me? RAGE-DYUKEN!!! bwahaha. no love, NO KISS! *i dunno why i said that. possibly because Dookie looks like a girl.*


*breathe.. breathe*

i left them all in a pile of dust. but i still have some left over rage in the corner there..

oh what's that? a gym? Mahogany Gym, where you can blow off some steam and stress.

Mahogany Gym

lvl 20s? lvl 30s? HA! all lvl 40 in my team! Lawless, time to shine. RAZOR LEAF OF DEATHHHHHHH!!!

thanks for the badge! bwahahaha. oops, sorry. i promise to keep up the tradition of trust and love for pokemon. no cockiness here. :P

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