Jonney (joniisan) wrote,

off to slay the dragon.

*oh Hagrid, you're found a new dragon?*

Toothless evolved into Espeon.. *B. B. B.. B!!!* stop evolving.

later that night,

Toothless evolved into Umbreon. *YESSSS!!!!! hey toothless. mmrh? let's kick some ass! mmrh!*
(disclaimer: mmrh is the sound that Umbreon makes. in my mind.)


Icy Path: Golbat (m, lvl 22)
golbat.. the better form of zubat. still can't use to Fly. >_> but to have wing attack is handy. unfortunately after paralyzing it and failed attempts to poison, i wasted 2 ultra balls on him and then ended up just killing the guy.


just keep sliding. just keep sliding. icy path had nothing in it. Toothless got mean look, so i can't capture some legendary :)

Blackthorn City:
city with move deleter, ultra balls, and a dragon bitch! so, buy up some items and fight!

Blackthorn Gym:
Everyone's got dragon-type. defeating dratini is scary because of hyperbeam. so i just need to avoid those and i'll be cool.

Cool trainer Mike gets a special mention because of his lvl 37 Dratini vs ShadyGaGa lvl 39. it's been a while since he was able to flex his mandom around. Rollout! Dratini uses Dragon Rage. Rollout! Dratini uses Dragon Rage. Rollout! Dratini in the red. Dragon Rage. ShadyGaGa has died.

WHAT?! NOOOOOOOO!! Mjollnir uses thunderpunch to finish off Dratini.

can't read my.. can't read my.. no you can't read my no poker face... po-po-po-po-pokemon face. TT-TT


After I beat Clair, i'll soon be able to lay ShadyGaGa to rest. in the form of a statue, because he's so damn heavy. Unfortunately, Clair does not approve of my kicking her ass fair and square. especially the part when Lawless and Mjollnir sliced and shocked her Seadra/Kingdra awful looking thing.

so i end up having to travel to the Dragon's Den and do some damage there. Easy!


Dragonden: complete with a whirlpool and rocks. Use strength! ... I said, USE STRENGTH. but alas. ShadyGaGa was the only one who could use it.

Magikarp (m, lvl 20) - hmm.. easy to catch and a water pokemon that can use Surf, Whirlpool, Waterfall, and Strength.

FAILFish - excellent! level up and evolve to a Gyarados! but still need strength. Beans-mash! my sudowoodo is also a ground pokemon.


Finally getting my 8th and final Johto badge, i'm also to travel to Indigo Plateau and into Kanto. Where i'll need to build up my crew. I still lack a fire pokemon and a flying one. maybe i can get a legendary bird.


Random Cave on Route 27: Graveler (m, lvl 24)
bitten to death by Toothless. yes, i see the oxymoron, but it's literally delicious!

Route 27: Tentacool (m, lvl 18)
SuperFast - super fast jellyfish! hehehe.. comes with a toy.

Tohjo Falls: Slowpoke (f, lvl 23)
TailBait - psychic pokemon.. GET!

Route 26: Raticate (m, lvl22)
RAGE!! immediately killed him. no use in my crew. not after Clamps!! fell to hyperfang.


On to Victory Road!
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