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Another morning

20 August 1984
The Bio.

dynamic character: a character that undergoes a life changing moment that completely alters his life/personality/opinions.

i feel like a character in a book. not a hero, but a guest star that comes and goes to join the protagonist's suffering when they undergo a dilemmia. and i will be there to comfort them, to guide them or to become their nemesis for a day. either way, my character is expendable. and when i'm not present, i spend my time one mediocre day at a time.

My life before this life.
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fabulously translated by aloha, a quote from Nana.
Forgetting about our mistakes and our wounds
Isn't enough to make them disappear...
Even now i keep calling your name
Despite my pain
I'll keep on doing that until you answer me.


soft beautiful flesh.
a simple kiss and the redness.
a gentle wind and the goosebumps.
a lick and the shudder.
a touch and the obsession begins.

FLCL is hard-core love

it really is. thanks to ms_freak112

FMA Homunculi are sinful love

sinning all the time. phonominal

The NANA LJ Crew

[x] Komatsu Nana
[x] Oosaki Nana
[x] Saotome Junko
[x] Kawamura Sachiko
[x] Takagi Yasushi
[x] Terashima Nobuo
[x] Okazaki Shinichi
[x] Uehara Misato
[x] Honjou Ren
[x] Serizawa Reira
[x] Ichinose Takumi
[x] Fujieda Naoki
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What Pillows Song are You? by RedRover
The SongRide on a Shooting Star
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I win.
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