Jonney (joniisan) wrote,

the "boy"

i feel like Kif Kroker from Futurama sometimes. not in the sense of "green alien with no bones," but in the sense that i feel like i'm helpless when listening to superiors: namely my parents.

it's annoying how they just spout illogical reasonings at you and then you're expected to understand and comply. **much like kif, who does as he's told and lives a miserable life. i was told to get my priorities straight because i choose to spend a little more time with my girlfriend. and because i do that instead of doing school work (ie: making a copy of my rotation schedule) at 11.00pm when it's supposed to be my bedtime. granted i am supposed to wake up early in the morning to get to Seton, but 11.30pm or midnight is NOT going to make me flunk.

my dad insists that i will flunk. i think he just wants me to fail so he has something to criticize. it makes him feel like a better person, pointing out other people's flaw. it's like a drug that he can't get enough of. and why not. he's a virgo...

he's obviously projecting physical and personal flaws onto everyone else. and so the only way to fight back is to throw his flaws right back at him. but what's the point.. there's no helping him. he is who he is. putting worthless priorities over everyone important in his life.

my pet peeve is when people tell you to do things as you are doing them. and my dad violates that rule all the time. i think i'm just going to do that to him all the time now. because he's going to hate it and he won't know why i'm doing it. it's like an ignorant manager or supervisor. ugh.. i wish i could quit.
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