Jonney (joniisan) wrote,

pokemon challenge pt 2

Hah! Defeated Rival Doodie as he tried to escape. Unfortunately, I didn't know I needed to stop him from stealing Cyndaquil. Afterwards, I finally was able to get pokeballs! I be trippin' BALLS!

My first catch is HootHoot (m, lvl2) - GazerBeam. Unfortunately, I encounter a couple of punks waiting along the road. I use Gazerbeam to beat up on Joey, but Mikey's Rattata tail whips and tackles + crits for a 14 point damage.

the first casualty. Gazerbeam did his best to fight and become strong, but he pushed himself too hard. I should have stop you, but you had that fire in your insanely large eyes and your eyebrows knew no fear.

you will be miss, but i will never forget what you taught me about bravery.

Lawless, GO!!
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