Jonney (joniisan) wrote,

Union Cave and Azalea Town

Go into Union cave, encounter some trainers that prowl in the dark. hikers and weird clown man. Hikers stack geodudes and onix: meet LawLess, GRASS TYPE!!! :D

it's ridiculous to think that it's so easy to make monies!

Union Cave: Geodude (m, lvl 6)
ShadyGaGa - kind of like Rocky. face that you could build from a pile of bricks, but once i get some rock throws, it'll bury any opponent in my path.

outside of Union Cave, fight some more Hikers and weird clown guy. Vulpix... burn? Oceanic is on fire! turbulence! i decided to skip the grass to head straight to town and into a pokecenter. i'll remember to visit during the evenings to find some night-time pokemons!

pass by shady looking dudes into black clothing. TEAM ROCKET?! *meowth that's right!"

another outside quest to save the slowpokes! i'm on it like a hobo on a hamsandwich! drop into the well for some easy lvls.

Slowpoke Well: Magikarp (m, lvl 10)
if i need to fish, might as well fish. Magikarp is all i'll get with this OLD ROD, hurhurhur. i get splashed on more than a japanese b******** porno.

Poseidan (aka GOD OF SEA) - "one day, i fucking swear, when i evolve, i'm going to fucking kill you all." oh you will.. you will. because i have plans for you! mwahahaha.

team rocket? hahahaha.. it tickles. LawLess evolves into BayLeef, a brontosaurus with a big head and little body! dune wihd bludee bhig huud! Mjollnir evolves into Flaffy, instead of on all 4s, this one sits!!

thanks team rocket, for being crappy!

Azalea Town Gym - Leader Bugsy
creepy gym with creepy bugs. Oceanic wipes them off his windshield after plowing through at 100mph! the only annoying thing about bugs is the poison!

Ilex Forest: Zubat (f, lvl 5)
hmm, i could use one. let's try hitting it softly. --ONE HIT KO with TACKLE--. whoops.. oh well.

but then... an egg hatches..

Egg: Togepi (m, lvl 5)

Ovulamati - (Ovuluminati!, O-mati) he sees all that you do. it sees into your very soul!!silver.

Skip more routes to come back and get more nighttimers. maybe i'll research and try and get something coooool and useless. need a freaking fire type.

routes also have easy trainers! good time to level up O-mati and Poseidan. *gadgetchu, still useless. can't use cut.* into the box with her!

onto Goldenrod City! explore! or get lost? found a random bike shop, "why yes, i'd be delighted to hold onto your bicycle for free!" meet some NERDS in the underground path. hehe, oh wait. they look familiar. as if i see them everyday in front of a mirror or something. hmmm
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