Jonney (joniisan) wrote,

just a normal team

Ecruteak City! the historic town where the past meets the present!

and the most important part, where you meet Bill so you can go back to GoldenRod City and get a FREE EEVEE! Why Eevee is so popular, it's beyond me.. i mean it can evolve into a multitude of elemental pokemon with awesome designs and ass-kicking abilities/attacks. and now in Johto, you can evolve them into a psychic type or dark type. Two really really imba types. so yeah, why would everyone be excited to get a free eevee, in a game where you can breed more eevees and have them evolve into every starter type + two of the strongest types?

Bill: Eevee (m, lvl20) - FREE!!

Toothless - (nightfury): all in anticipation for his evolution to become Umbreon. DARK POWER!! DARK! POWER!

but for now... GRINDING!!

Main Team Roster (as of now)
Toothless - Eevee
KyutaLove - Furret
LawLess - Bayleef
ShadyGaGa - Geodude
Oceanic - Pidgeotto
Mjollnir - Flaffy
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